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This website is the main portal for Russ Studios, as well as our 3 divisions – Russ Studios Music, Russ Studios Interactive and Russ Studios Technology

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Russ Studios Music

Responsible for the composition, recording, bouncing and worldwide distribution of all of our exclusive Music Scores that we produce in-house, as well as custom client and partnership projects. This content is then either sold on the Russ Studios E-Store /Pond5, released for free or showcased on multiple platforms, including SoundCloud.

The official logo for Russ Studios Music, part of russstudios.com, without the tagline.

Russ Studios Interactive

Responsible for all of our free and commercial applications and entertainment software. These are usually developed for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Russ Studios Technology steps in at the end to package the products with Russ Studios License Manager.

Russ Studios Technology

Our internal division responsible for all of our Systems, Cloud Platforms and Networks. This includes Russ Studios System (plus all modules), Russ Studios License Manager and the Russ Studios NC Cloud platform, which is the backbone environment powering all of our systems and applications.

Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy

- Richard Stallman

Our Additional Premium Services

Custom Music Creation

We will compose a custom instrumental music track (max length of 4 minutes), which will be delivered in both WAV and MP3 formats. If you are also a Songwriter or have someone to write the lyrics whilst you in turn then sing them, we can also work with you to produce your next big hit!

Tutorials (Coming Soon)

We will teach you skills related to Music Production, Music Composing, Proudction Tools (which we actually use) and Web Development skills to help you build a website easily without needing to know any advanced technical knowledge.

Let's work

Together With Music

We are a firm believer in working together through collaboration. Not only can you combine multiple ideas to create an amazing end-product, it can be fun too!

This is why we would love to work with you on your own personal projects. If you place your project under the Russ Studios Music brand, the best part is our service is free. We won’t sell these projects commercially either – they will be released for free worldwide for everyone to enjoy. We will give full credits for any content you provide, including a link to your own website, Social Media Channels, etc.

If you would rather place a project under your own brand, we can also work with you to reach your goals with our Premium Music Creation Service. These projects can be used commercially – after we hand the project over to you, you can do whatever you wish with it.


Russ Studios System Main Logo
Russ Studios NC Cloud Main Logo

The Russ Studios System NGX Framework powers the russstudios.com domain. It sits behind the scenes watching over things and ensuring everything is running optimally.

The Russ Studios NC Cloud Platform is the backbone infrastructure that powers all of our systems and applications. It is managed entirely by us and is optimised exclusively for raw performance via combined compute power.

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Information about the benefits of upgrading to a Premium Account License will be available in the near future.

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