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From starting out with the idea of being an Enterprise Hosting Provider in 2017, to completely changing our vision and service portfolio by 2020, find out our entire story by watching the video below (coming very soon).

Our new 2020 vision is to completely revolutionise the Creative Industry – and we’re doing it by storm.

The Creativity of an individual is arguably one of the most important values in today’s society. All sorts of negative (but also positive) events happen every day and can sometimes be enough to bring down the overall mood of individuals as a whole. When someone starts work on a Creative Project however – whether that be writing Music at the Piano, Painting a Picture or even acting, a whole new virtual dimension is created. That is, all the troubles of the current world are temporarily forgotten.

However, it is a well-known fact that this Industry can be ruthless and this can still be the case even if someone is a well-known celebrity. The point of entry can be hard and what I have personally found by listening to many interviews, is that some individuals in this world are not as accepting as others, when it comes to someone’s Gender, Religion, Sexuality, etc – which in this new generation is completely unfair. I have a huge desire to change this and as the vision of Russ Studios™ changed, a new Brand had to be created.

The new ‘Dragon Phoenix’ Logo represents fire and courage, whilst our new colours represent happiness and diversity. All of the Products & Services offered by Russ Studios™ are built around both of these and ultimately, everything combined makes a Brand that will exist for a lifetime.


Joseph Laurence Russ

Joseph Laurence Russ


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Our Values


We will always promote original ideas and will push our customers to be the best they possibly can be.


Our customers (both paying and non-paying) are at the heart of our entire operations – our success will always depend on their happiness.


We focous on what we are good at and give it our utmost attention to acheive consistant results.


Innovating Tomorrow's Technology

Writing and producing melodies from multiple genres

Music Distribution Via Our Partner

WordPress As A Service

Software Development

Creating Complex Yet Simple SAAS Platforms


Let’s Get Started

Whether you want to contact us, obtain our own products, and those we sell on behalf of a 3rd party or work with us on a musical project, we are hear for the long run.