Our Enterprise Cloud Platforms

In case you didn’t know, yes we really do manage our own Cloud Platforms! These platforms are designed exclusively to operate as a Software As A Service (SAAS) model – in simple terms, it means that our Websites, Web Applications and other online services are all hosted exclusively by ourselves, which has some serious advantages. 

Designed for the least amount of latency.

Fast Global Backbone Network

Enterprise high-performance hardware, including Raid1 NVME SSD Configurations, DDR4 Ram & 5Ghz CPU Turbo Clock Speeds.

Multiple Server Operating Systems to suit a variety of purposes.

24×7 Proactive Monitoring, both at the Datacentres & Server-side.

Regular VM Snapshots & Application Backups.

File Management

Safe and Secure Hosting & Backups For All Of Our Software As A Service (SAAS) Applications

Regular Backups

All data is backed up multiple times per day to remote storage locations. This includes our Servers on the Russ Studios NC Cloud™ Virtualisation Platform, as well as our Web Applications themselves as a seperate backup.

Multi-Level Security

There are multiple levels of security when it comes to our hosting environment, including physical security at the Data Centres our Servers are located in. We also use the latest industry best-practices when it comes to configuring and deploying our Servers.

Built For Speed And For Reliability

All of our Dedicated Servers are configured by us from the ground up, so that we can in turn deliver incredible performance on our Websites and (SAAS) Applications. Our Servers are then configured at a System level to take advanatage of the Hardware built into our Servers.

For example, all Servers are configured by default to use HTTP2 or HTTP3 at a mininum, Object Caching and optimised high-performance Databases.

Did you know our upcoming WordPress As A Service Product Will Also Be Powered by the Russ Studios NC Cloud™?

When WordPress As A Service is released, the backbone infrastructure will be the exact same infrastructure that powers russstudios.com. Although users will not be able to use hosting features such as FTTP, due to the fact we are selling the product as WordPress As A Service and not as a hosting platform, multiple premium plugins will be provided as standard within the package. We will also be giving higher PHP Memory Limits on the platform, so that WordPress runs lightning fast.

 Ultimately, users will be able to do everything they need to inside of WordPress.