Coming Soon

Russ Studios Interactive

We are working in the background to fully open this brand as soon as possible

We have many projects happening in the background here at Russ Studios™ currently, mainly our upcoming music releases. At the same time, we are working on releasing our first entertainment software application to you by the end of 2021, although it will most likely be sooner than this.

 Before this current project is released, we first need to finalise how this project will be delivered, supported (which will vary between platforms) and what platforms it will be released on, as well as which of these platforms will feature DRM via Russ Studios License Manager™.

Once this project is released however, it will be the setting stone for our future plans. We have some exciting projects in our plan for the next couple of years as we develop the Russ Studios Interactive™ brand. Ultimately, we aim to support Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Android and iOS /iPadOS Devices.