Russ Studios Technology™

Managing the complex infrastructure that powers our Products & Services.


What We Do

We are exclusivly an internal division within Russ Studios™, which is responsible for all Systems, Cloud Platforms and Networks. To ensure everything is more streamlined, most technical tasks are placed under this Brand.

Cloud Email Platform Management

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For maximum performance and integration reasons, all our email addresses are now hosted in the Cloud. We can deploy a new email address within seconds, as needed.

Server Management & Backups

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This includes the deployment, optimisation, management and termination of all internal Server and Cloud instances. This also includes deploying and configuring our backup solutions, which run on autopilot once set up.

Russ Studios NC Cloud™ Framework Management

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Although our Servers do make up a large part of our infrastructure, we do not host every service we need from them for both performance and security reasons. For example, we use an external Anycast DNS solution which has Points Of Presence all over the world, in the same way that the backbone network our Servers use does.

Web Application Deployment & Management

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This includes creating, deploying, optimising and managing various internal and external web applications (such as the one that runs this website) as, and when required.

Future SAAS Platforms Such As Our Upcoming Client Portal

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As part of our commitment to go above and beyond for our customers, we will soon offer various online platforms to complement our existing products and services. One of these is our upcoming Client Portal, where our customers will be able to view in realtime the status of the projects we are working on with them, as well as upload files such as vocal tracks, etc.

Security Hardening & Management

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This includes ensuring all of our Systems, Servers and Web Applications are as secure as possible. For example, we have a Zero-Trust Model where the required access is only given to indivudals for the exact duration they need it for.