Neon City Nights – Full Album (Professional Edition)


A Synthwave-inspired release created developed exclusively by Russ Studios Music (Russ Studios Originals). This album contains 6 unique tracks, which includes a dance bonus track; Dance Of The Century.


After nearly a year in development, we are proud to have released our highly-anticipated Album, Neon City Nights. What started out as a simple EP quickly evolved into a full-blown Album – we just know that you will love this one! From chasing spirts of neon light, to taking a trip down memory line at the old Gillian Cocktail Bar, Russ Studios Music‘s April 21 Synthwave-inspired release will get you crying for more.

As a Russ Studios Original, this album has been composed exclusively in-house and was developed on Apple Logic Pro (we have since moved over to FL Studio due to our needs).

The Professional Edition contains high-quality Wav files, which you can use commercially if you wish.

If you would like to preview the tracks in this Album before buying, take a look at our SoundCloud playlist here.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Information

This product is DRM-free and does not feature Russ Studios License Manager Endpoint software protection. As a result you will not need, nor receive any license keys after purchasing this product.

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