The Ice Cream Man (Professional Edition)


An Ice Cream-inspired Electronic release developed & produced exclusively by Russ Studios Music (Russ Studios Originals). This album contains 1 single track.


This is a track that we originally wrote as an experimental release, where it would be included with other tracks in a ‘Random Tracks Collection’ release. However, we loved this track so much that we just new it had to be released separately, as a single. Fully mastered and in WAV format, Russ Studios Music‘s Electronic track ‘The Ice Cream Man’ will have you driving around for hours listening to the catchy melody.

As a Russ Studios Original, this album has been composed exclusively in-house and was developed on Apple Logic Pro (we have since moved over to Studio One 5 Professional due to our needs).

The Professional Edition contains a high-quality WAV file, which you can use commercially if you wish.

If you would like to preview the tracks in this Album before buying, take a look at our SoundCloud playlist below.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Information

This product is DRM-free and does not feature Russ Studios License Manager Endpoint software protection. As a result you will not need, nor receive any license keys after purchasing this product.

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