R.S Labs

The entertainment production, training and R&D brand.

What We Do

Entertainment Software, Videos & Training

This includes the production of videos, films, training documentation and video games (which are usually developed for the Windows platform).

Music For Education & Experimental Showcases

We may sometimes release some of our music under this brand, rather than Russ Studios Music. The main difference when releasing music under our Labs brand is that the content will always be released for free, usually for either experimental or education reasons.

Working With Data - R&D

We analyse the data that is on hand for us to use. This includes user traffic data (see our Privacy Policy), as well as data sent to us by users via things such as surveys. This helps to ensure we are constantly improving our products and services.

Labs also is committed to R&D (Research & Design). If we find a better way to do something, we believe that this knowledge should also be shared.

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